Joe Burrow Weighs in on Baker Mayfield’s Situation in Cleveland

While Joe Burrow‘s stock continues to rise, conversely Baker Mayfield stock continues to fall.

Burrow’s Bengals will be facing Deshaun Watson the next time they share the field with the Cleveland Browns. Assuming he’s not suspended. Mayfield meanwhile is still stuck in limbo, leaving Burrow to assess the situation only with his own experiences as context. Burrow is being asked what he thinks is next for his fellow former No. 1 overall pick whose stock is at an all-time low.

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“That’s a tough situation. He was hurt all last year. Every time we play him, he balls,” Burrow said during an appearance on the Full Send Podcast. “First time we played him — Thursday night during Week 2 of my rookie year — we lost like 34-30. The next time we played them, I throw for 400 yards. He goes like 25-for-28 with five touchdowns. He went on a two-minute drive, touchdown, they won the game.”

Burrow sees both sides of the Browns moves. He also knows from experience Mayfield is capable of leading a team to victory, but also understands why Cleveland moved on to Watson.

“I think when you have a guy like Deshaun [Watson], you gotta take a chance at that because he’s such a great player,” Burrow said. “But Baker will land on his feet. He’s a really good player.

Joe Burrow seems like one hell of a guy.

No one doubts Baker can be the QB of a winning football team, but he’s not going to take them to the promised land.

Joe Burrow on the other hand seems poised to win a Super Bowl down the road.

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