Jimmy G Now Being Linked to Bizarre Landing Spot

Is Jimmy G going to be staying in San Fran?

Most teams who are looking for a starting quarterback have already filled that need. Also, the 49ers might want to keep Jimmy Garoppolo around if Trey Lance doesn’t pan out this season. But one radio talk show host seems to think that the Cleveland Browns may still be interested in Jimmy G.

According to Greg Papa, there’s a valid reason why the Browns might want Jimmy G. Apparently they don’t know what may be happening with Deshaun Watson in the future.

See below:

“Say Deshaun gets 12 games and comes back, Jimmy can make it 9-3 vs. 3-9. Wouldn’t they do that? So could the market change and specifically see Jimmy Garoppolo go to Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski and the Haslams?”

Papa thinks with Watson, the Browns are serious Super Bowl contenders.

“I think Cleveland with Deshaun Watson is a Super Bowl team. The AFC is loaded so it may not turn out that way, but it’s a really good roster… Jimmy is a better player, we all acknowledge that. That could be the difference of coming out of the Watson suspension with a chance in November to make the playoffs and win.”

Jimmy G isn’t going to the Browns.

I’m pretty sure they would just keep Baker Mayfield if they wanted a solid backup to Watson.

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