Video: Eagles Fan Running Out Of The Tunnel With The Team

Well that’s one way to support your team.

We’ve seen plenty of streakers throughout the years, and just to clarify things, a streaker doesn’t have to be naked, they just have to storm the field.  And that’s really all they do before usually getting tackled.  We’ve also seen a bunch of protestors doing  their thing at sporting events lately.  And now we have one Philadelphia  Eagles fan who took storming the field to the next level.  The Eagles fan figured out a way to run out of the tunnel with his favorite team. You can see in a video the fan in question running out with the team.

Then you see him getting escorted out of the game.

Watch the Eagles fan living out his dream below:

I will give him this. He wasn’t some publicity hound interrupting the actual game.

He just simply wanted to be part of his favorite squad, and by running out of an NFL team’s tunnel, I’d say mission accomplished. This reminds me of the NBA fan who was able to take some shots during pregame.

Not sure what happened to the Eagles fan as a result of his trespassing, will he banned from all home games?

If so, totally worth it.

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