Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel Responds to Tom Brady to Miami Rumors

You have to appreciate a delicious juicy rumor.

Last week a rumor surfaced claiming the Miami Dolphins were going to make a  trade for Tom Brady. NFL insider Ian Rapoport poured some cold water on the rumor immediately.


Now the Tom Brady to Miami rumor is being debunked by Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel.

McDaniel was asked about the Tom Brady rumor, he didn’t flinch, and called it fake news:

“That has not been in the conversation. I think that’s what you call fake news.”

Tom is not looking to finish his career on the Dolphins. Sure they have Tyreek Hill now but other than that Tom has very little reason to join the team.

It’s been a minute since we heard Fake News, and apparently this bit of news was exactly that, fake.

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