Deshaun Watson’s Favorite Spot to Get His Massages Has Been Revealed

Deshaun Watson loves his massages, and he also likes to get those massages in style.

Watson reportedly had several massages given to him at The Houstonian, which is an upscale hotel and club in downtown Houston. According to court records, Watson had an account at the Hotel, and he also liked to get massages there in his room. The records also state his marketing manager arranged those rooms in advance for the former Texans QB.

Two women say he exposed himself to them at the Houstonian, and touched them with his genitals during massage sessions there in 2020.

And now it’s part of the fight for pretrial evidence after 22 women sued him last year and accused him of sexual misconduct during massage sessions, including the two at The Houstonian, according to court documents filed recently in Houston.

“He takes women in some of these cases to The Houstonian, which (offers luxury massage services to customers), but he’s bringing in women who aren’t even licensed in massage?” the attorney for the women, Tony Buzbee, said to USA TODAY Sports earlier month.

The big question is why is brining in his own massage therapists when the luxury hotel offered the services?

“The Houstonian offered professional luxury massage spa services at the Solaya Spa & Salon by The Houstonian, just three miles away from the hotel. The hotel even provided a free shuttle to get there and back, plus discounts to all guests in 2020 and gifts with treatments to hotel guests, according to the hotel.”

Watson suggested another unlicensed therapist come to his suite at The Houstonian in July 2020, weeks before Texans training camp opened on Aug. 14, 2020. He first contacted this woman on Snapchat and saw the women for four sessions from July to September 2020, with Watson’s behavior getting “progressively worse,” including exposing himself, touching her with his genitals and ejaculating in front of her, according to her lawsuit.

Sounds like Watson wanted to be in the hotel room when he got his.

The Houstonian said it does not provide information on customers and declined comment on Watson.

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