Aaron Rodgers Talks How Covid-19 Pandemic Conspiracy Theories Came True With Bill Maher

Aaron Rodgers love talking about conspiracy theories.

The Green Bay Packers Quarterback and Bill Maher discussed on a podcast Monday how nearly every conspiracy theory during the Covid-19 pandemic eventually proved accurate.

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“This is all just, this is ideology, this is not medicine, this is indoctrination, and to me, the frightening thing was never the disease itself,” Maher said.

“The frightening thing was how much you could get people, so quickly, to change their way of life. Stay home, wear a mask, you know.”

Watch below:


Maher spoke on how government officials kept citizens scared through fear tactics and blatant lies.

“We spent more to keep people hiding under the bed than we did for World War II,” Maher adds. “Talk about a country that’s gone a little soft.”

Rodgers agreed, saying “Just about, well, every conspiracy theory came true.”

“Vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and it turned into, like, a way from doing your job to stop the spread to, like, lockdowns.”

Rodgers is no stranger when it comes to conspiracy theories. In the past he spewed some pretty crazy things about bizarre Chemtrail Conspiracies.

On Sunday NFL Countdown back in 2020 Rodgers asked Seneca Wallace:

“What do you think all that stuff is flying behind that jet stream? Do you think it has anything to do with maybe why everybody’s getting cancer?”

The problem is Aaron has a platform, and clearly he’s not afraid to use it to promote his own thoughts and beliefs, even if they can be harmful to the general public.

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