Aaron Rodgers Makes His Opinion on Donald Trump Abundantly Clear During Latest Interview

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been highly controversial for his political takes over the past year.

Whether it was his refusal to take the conventional COVID vaccine, or his clear distaste with president Joe Biden that he shared during an interview with Joe Rogan, the future Hall of Famer can’t seem to keep his name out of headlines.

But his latest take may surprise some of his supporters and enemies: he’s not a big fan of former president, Donald Trump, either.

Specifically, Rodgers didn’t like how the former president called the latest election rigged and flirted with the idea of not leaving office until he got some answers

via TMZ:

“You take it like a man. You don’t go, ‘We won that game’ That’s what Donald Trump does. We won that game. You didn’t. You lose it. It happens. You lose sometimes. Be a f**king man and just own up like every other president has ever done.”

Even with the spotlight on everything but football, Rodgers has plenty to worry about on the field this season.

After losing superstar receiver Davante Adams in the offseason, Rodgers will now be saddled with some play-makers who are either past their prime or beginning their NFL careers.

Still, the Packers feel like they have a shot to make some noise as long as they have Rodgers under center.

“All the other teams in the NFC North, it seems like every single year, I think their fanbase and their teams feel like, ‘This is our year to win the North.’ Hasn’t really been the case during my time, for the most part,” Rodgers said Wednesday.

I think we’re all looking forward to the season begins and we can hopefully quiet the media circus centered around everything Rodgers does off the field.

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