Zion Williamson Rumored to Be Traded This Summer Following Pastor’s Comments

Looks like Zion’s time in New Orleans may soon be over.

Zion Williamson has played in less than one-third of the games since entering the NBA. Moreover, he might as well never play another minute for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Zion has yet to make his debut this season and he’s not likely to play at this point, even if the Pelicans make the playoffs. He was recently cleared for one-on-one activities after multiple setbacks on a foot injury.

According to NBA insider Jordan Schultz, the Pelicans could explore trading him in the offseason.

“Just on the big picture here, I don’t know if Zion Williamson is gonna ever play for the Pelicans again,” Schultz said on The Dan Patrick Show. “He’s played 85 games in his career. If you don’t trade him this summer, what are you going to get for him long term? If you don’t believe he’s going to stay healthy, what are we talking about here? I think there is a very good chance he will not be back, and they will trade him this summer — or at least strongly explore trading him.”

Zion reportedly reached out to a local pastor a couple of days ago. Per the man, Zion is in much better shape than the media claims, and more than that, he’s enjoying his time in New Orleans:

“It sounds different from what’s being portrayed, and he looks a lot different from what’s been portrayed. He looks to be in a lot better shape than they’ve been letting on,” the pastor told Sporting News. “You could see that from the pictures.”

“To be honest with you, [Zion’s] exact words to me were that he loved the city,” he added. “The only thing I know from him personally is that he’s excited about being back and he wants to get back into the saddle as fast as he physically can.”

Whether or not Zion is enjoying his time in New Orleans, it may just be time for a change of scenery.

Things have definitely not gone as planned for Zion so far.

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