Charles Barkley’s Latest Comment On Zion Williamson’s Weight Goes Viral

Charles Barkley has been critical of Zion Williamson in the past, but he took it to the next level this week.

When speaking on the potential for an extension for Zion this offseason, Sir Charles immediately referenced what type of shape Williamson is currently in.

“If they were getting ready to give me $200 million, I would be the skinniest power forward in the history of civilization,” Barkley said.

Back when Zion Williamson’s weight was trending earlier in the year, Charles Barkley was quick to clown the power forward.

“It look like me and Shaq had a baby,” Barkley said in November.

What Makes Charles Barkley so great is that he never has any sort of filter whatsoever, and this was certainly evident with all over his comments on Zion Williamson.

The young big man will look to prove the TNT analyst wrong when he returns to the floor next season.

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