New Video Shows Jimmy Butler Clearly Upsetting Erik Spoelstra Before Udonis Haslem Confrontation

Jimmy Butler must’ve said something during a Heat team huddle that really rubbed everyone the wrong way during the game against the Warriors on Wednesday night.

At first, video caught Udonis Haslem being held back by Butler before something physical escalated on the team’s bench.

But later, new angles of the confrontation between Jimmy Butler and Udonis Haslem showed that it was heat coach Erik Spoelstra who seemed enraged by Butler before anything happened.

Another video shows Jimmy Butler clearly coming after Erik Spoelstra before the coach asks, “what? you think I’m going to f-ing fight you?”

After further review of the many videos of the Jimmy Butler-Udonis Haslem altercation, it appears clear that the veteran Haslem is sticking up for his head coach more than anything.

Butler has been known to have a short fuse during his time in the NBA. But so far, things seem to be going well for him with Spoelstra in Miami.

It’ll be interesting to hear postgame comments from everyone involved after the loss to the Warriors.

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