TNT Put Kevin Durant, Nets on ‘The Office’s’ Work Bus, KD Responds by Calling Himself a God

The NBA playoffs is being dominated by talk of bus drivers and bus riders.

kD’s basketball season is over and now he’s taking on TNT. Earlier today Durant responded to Charles Barkley’s trendsetting bus driver take. Charles also took some time to clap back. This evening TNT responded by putting the Brooklyn Nets on a bus to Cancun using a scene from The Office.

Watch below:

It was pointed out that KD needs to work on his timing, because it gave the TNT producers far too much time to put that together.

Durant quote tweeted this saying, “An army of producers against the god. Just Another Tuesday.” Honestly, it was the kind of badass line somebody would spend years crafting for an action movie and Durant nailed it in one tweet.

However long Durant spent on it, the producers had the last laugh.

Durant needs to take a little vacation from Social Media.

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