Taco Charlton Reacts to Jerry Jones Making A Draft Bust Joke at His Expense

The Dallas Cowboys always know how to grab some headlines.

Jerry Jones always talking about something, got some attention for more of his quirky sense of humor. Yesterday the Cowboys billionaire owner was asked who makes the final call on draft selections. Jerry explained the process of drafting is an inclusive one.

Jerry then joked that his son Stephen was the one responsible for drafting Taco Charlton. Of course they passed on T.J. Watt to take Taco. But he did make sure to take credit for selecting Micah Parsons in last year’s draft.

Watch below:

Charlton, who hasn’t played for the Cowboys since 2019, responded to Jerry’s joke on Twitter.

See below:

Even though Taco will be considered a draft bust, he still has made over $10 million dollars playing football, so it’s not all bad for Taco.

Taco Tuesday jokes are always fun.

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