The Reason Future Slept With Scottie Pippen’s Wife Larsa Allegedly Revealed

Scottie Pippen might regret something that happened 30 years ago, a mistake that may have possibly cost him his marriage.

As the story goes, Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen allegedly ignored a young man who wanted an autograph. That young man turned out to be rapper Future.

According to the story, Future  didn’t forget about  his childhood hero Scottie Pippen turning him down,  so he decided to get Scottie back, by sleeping with the NBA legend’s wife Larsa Pippen.

Future explained what happened when he met Scottie to friend and fellow rapper ASAP Rocky, who explained the back story in a recent interview.

You can hear the story below:

Scottie and Larsa are currently divorced but co-parenting  their children.

“It was definitely a respectable relationship. It wasn’t like a—it was just like we were friends and we needed each other at that moment. And that was basically it,” Pippen said before explaining that people want to paint her as a bad person for mere entertainment. “I think people make more of it. It’s just better conversation for people to say, oh she cheated on him, she this, she that.

Larsa seems content also. When Asked about their first date, she said they talked for seven hours. “He was definitely not what I thought he was going to be like. He was definitely very romantic and different than I expected him to be. … I just expected him to come out and give me like, some lyrics, and be like, ‘two damn bitches at the same damn time,’ I don’t know,” Pippen said, laughing. She went on to add, “We related on the most simple, organic way. I didn’t need anything from him, he didn’t need anything from me. … It wasn’t how you’d think.”

This story, real or fake, really makes you think twice about shunning anyone. You just don’t know who will try to get revenge by sleeping with your wife.

I wonder if Scottie could go back in time, would he just give Future an autograph?

Check out more of Larsa Pippen below:

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