Mike Vrabel Intentionally Takes 12 Men On The Field Penalty To Stop Game Clock

Mike Vrabel learned from the best. With the Titans trailing 30-29 and Houston having the ball on second-and-1 with 3:28 to play, Vrabel sent safety Josh Kalu onto the field, knowingly making him the 12th Titans defender.

Video from the TV broadcast shows Titans cornerback Johnathan Joseph questioning whether this was a mistake, and Vrabel seeming to understand what he was doing.

It appeared that Vrabel knew exactly what he was doing. By giving the Texans the first down on a penalty, Vrabel had stopped the clock without calling timeout. If  you’re curious how it affected the rest of the game.


Those 40 seconds made a huge difference, as the Titans ended up scoring the game-tying touchdown with four seconds left, and then winning the game in overtime. Genius move.

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