Joe Buck And Troy Aikman Caught On A Hot Mic Mocking The Flyover Prior To Chiefs-Bills

2020 is officially the year of the hot mic. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman learned that the hard way tonight. Here’s what they thought about the floyover before the game between the Bills-Chiefs game in Kansas City.

“That’s your hard-earned money and tax dollars at work,” Buck says in a mocking tone when responding to Aikman’s comments on the amount of jet fuel used.

“That stuff ain’t happening with kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you that right now partner,” Aikman responds.


People were pretty upset with these comments.

Well, at least this isn’t as bad as the Thom Brennaman hot mic situation. However, it’s probably not great for Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to make their political beliefs known. Especially when a lot of their viewers are probably Trumpers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump himself takes to Twitter to condemn Buck and Aikman. He’s gottten triggered over less.

You’d think Joe Buck should know better. He’s been covering a game for basically every single day this month. I mean, take a look at the guy’s schedule for this week.

Hopefully Joe Buck is a little more aware of the hot mic here. Get used to it folks, we’re going to be hearing a lot of Joe Buck for a long time.

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