Steph Curry Reveals “Crazy” Things Dillon Brooks Said To Him

The Memphis Grizzlies were trying to get in Steph Curry’s head all series long. And nobody was more of a nuisance to the veteran point guard than Dillon Brooks.

Brooks was seen jawing back and forth with Curry all throughout the highly-contested series, and proved that he wasn’t intimidated at all by the championship pedigree of the Warriors.

After the series ended, Steph Curry revealed that Dillon Brooks was already referring to the Grizzlies as a dynasty despite the fact that they hadn’t actually won anything yet.

“He’s said a lot of crazy things,” Curry told The Athletic with a smile while glancing at nearby cameras from NBA TV. “He called himself a dynasty already, so you’ve got to figure. On to the next round. Western Conference finals, we’re back. Let’s goooo!”

While Dillon Brooks and the Grizzlies couldn’t defeat Steph Curry’s Warriors, the young guard remained confident in what his team has going forward.

“They know that we’re going to come every single year,” the 26-year-old Brooks said. “We’re young, and they’re getting old. So, they know we’re coming every single year.”

Despite the disappointing exit, the Grizzlies proved that they’re one of the top young teams in the entire NBA. And Dillon Brooks is showing that they’re not going to back down to anybody.

It should be fun to watch the budding Grizzlies-Warriors rivalry in the future.

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