Nick Sirianni Continues To Put His Foot In His Mouth With Cringe-Worthy Flower Analogy

For anyone who thought Nick Sirianni was going to get better at public speaking with time, they were wrong.

The Eagles head coach started off his tenure with a series of awkward pressers, and they haven’t gotten any better.


When speaking on the lackluster start of the season on Wednesday, Nick Sirianni got into his familiar ramble mode, and talked about how the team was like the roots of a flower that hadn’t yet blossomed, or something along those lines.

You be the judge of what this guy was talking about here:

Nick Sirianni and the Eagles have showed some glimpses of a competent offense early in the season, but have not been competitive on a consistent basis.

In what has always been a rebuilding year for Philly, Sirianni has led the team to a 2-5 record, tied with every team in the NFC East who isn’t the Dallas Cowboys.

Luckily for Nick Sirianni, expectations were relatively low by Philadelphia’s standards this year. But if the team fails to gradually improve, this shtick is gonna get old real quick.

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