Report: Los Angeles Lakers Star Russell Westbrook Will Not Accept Buyout

Russell not about that.

With the start of training camp right around the corner,  it’s starting to seem more and more likely that Russell Westbrook will begin the new NBA season as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Another possibility being floated around is the Los Angeles Lakers buying out his contract, something that many fans would like to see.  But the big question is whether or not Westbrook would accept it.

According to NBA reporter Ramona Shelburne, Russell is not going to allow that to happen.

Via Shelbourne Podcast:

“‘Russell Westbrook is not a buyout guy,’ she said during a recent podcast appearance. ‘You have to agree to a buyout, and that’s not how he is wired. This is a guy who is very proud, and if you accept a buyout once in your career, you’re seen differently throughout the rest of your career.’

Shelburne continued to explain why Westbrook wouldn’t accept a buyout.

“‘Russ is Russ because of his swagger and the way he bleeds with it, the way he plays with it,’ she said. ‘You can’t retreat from that. You can’t let go of that because that’s what made Russ, Russ — it’s his swagger. If he accepts that, then he’s no longer Russell Westbrook.’”

In all likelihood the Los Angeles Lakers will have to make another attempt to  make Westbrook gel with the team. His reported unwillingness to consider a buyout just makes it harder on the Lakers to find a suitable trade partner.

There is a lot of uncertainty still as it pertains to Westbrook’s status with the Lakers but people need to just accept he’s in L.A. to stay and play.

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