Report: Los Angeles Lakers Spoke To Utah Jazz About Trading Russell Westbrook

The Lakers offseason is always entertaining.

With the season a little over a month away, the Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly found a new team to possibly trade Russell Westbrook too. According to Tony Jones of The Athletic, the new team just so happens to be the Utah Jazz. In return, the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to get Jordan Clarkson and Bojan Bogdanovic, but as it turns out, the Utah Jazz are currently asking for too much right now.

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“They’ve been talking to the Lakers. The Jazz made an offer to the Lakers. The Lakers made a counteroffer to the Jazz,” Jones said. “Those two offers were far apart, and I don’t know that there’s gonna be enough of a gap to be bridged in order for a trade to happen there.”

This is obviously the same issue the Lakers keep on running into when trying to unload Westbrook.  Unfortunately teams always seem to negotiate in bad faith with the Lakers as they know they have plenty of assets to make a massive deal. But the Lakers don’t want to give up much else besides Westbrook in any deal.   The Lakers have attempted on numerous occasions to include Westbrook, as well as two first-round picks in 2027 and 2029.

This hasn’t been enough for a few of the teams they have talked to, especially since the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to acquire solid shooters who would be of value to any team in the league.

Russ’ status with the Lakers always seems to be a developing story.

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