New Era Made ‘Local Markets’ Hats For Each MLB Team And They Are Absolutely Disgusting

New Era’s latest project was to make new hats for every MLB team. They had they decent idea to give a little flare for every teams’ area as part of the design on each cap. They’re calling it the “local markets” collection.

Unfortunately, the collection was one of the worst things I have ever seen.

At first glimpse, the hats look like a part of an elementary school art project put together by the kid who just wants to go to recess.


Check out some of the products, along with the hilarious reactions from MLB fans all over the country.

After getting absolutely roasted on the internet for a couple of hours, New Era (rightfully) decided to pull the new collection of hats from their website.

What an absolute failure here by New Era. Hopefully we don’t see these hats hit the market ever again.

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