Knicks Fan Bounced From MSG For Wearing A ‘Ban Dolan’ T-Shirt

The New York Knicks took on the Washington Wizards in Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. The game turned out to be a good one for the Knicks with a 131-113 win that boosted them to 22-22 on the season. However, the night ended early for one unfortunate Knicks fan. Apparently, he was wearing a “Ban Dolan” T-shirt, expressing his displeasure for owner James Dolan. Ultimately, he was able to have the fan escorted out of the arena. See the video of the fan talking to security below.

According to the security guard’s explanation, the arena has the right to remove anyone with a shirt or sign with offensive language. Apparently, since James Dolan is the owner, a shirt that says “Ban Dolan” is offensive enough to get you kicked out.


What an absolute joke. The New York Knicks staff has been known to make some questionable decisions, likely because of James Dolan leading the way. It wasn’t long ago that the legend Patrick Ewing himself wasn’t allowed into the stadium until he provided proper identification. This is the type of environment that James Dolan is running.


So much for free speech, right? Not in James Dolan’s house. Ultimately, this is a bad look for the New York Knicks and Madison Square Garden. It is just another example of why the franchise despises Dolan. They have been struggling under his control, and he continues to rule the arena with an iron fist.

Props to the Knicks fan for holding his ground. There was nothing offensive about that shirt to anyone other than James Dolan. If you didn’t understand why the franchise is so disinterested in him, well, now you know.

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