Jalen Rose Destroys Skip Bayless Over Bronny Comments

Jalen Rose is coming for Skip Bayless.

One huge story in the sports world this week has been the way in which polarizing sports TV Talking Head Skip Bayless offered a backhanded compliment to 17-year-old basketball prospect Bronny James. Of course, James’ father LeBron is the face of the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers, and he has also been one of Skip Bayless’ obsession for a very long time.

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And when I say obsession,  that’s putting it lightly.  Skip has built an entire career out of criticizing LeBron James.

Bayless had already come under fire from fans on social media, and on Tuesday, former NBA player Jalen Rose clowned Bayless in his own way.

Jalen pointed out just how bad of a basketball player Skip was during his heyday on the hardwood.

“Nobody should be overcritical of high school players, in particular those of professional athletes” he said. “Especially if you were a junior in high school and only averaged 1.4 points.”

Watch below:

Now that Jalen Rose has pulled out the hilarious dunk on Skip of bringing up his own forgettable basketball career, it will be interesting to see if more people pile on or simply agree that the funniest joke has been made and the basketball world can collectively move on.

Glad Jalen stepped up to the plate on this one.

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