Girl Who Baker Mayfield Was Allegedly DM’ing Mentions ‘Cheesecake Factory Parking Lot Incident’

Baker Mayfield is a man whose future has plenty of uncertainty following the Browns trading for Deshaun Watson.

Now it appears his past is also causing him some issues.  Back in 2020, Baker was accused of having a tryst with a woman in a Cheesecake Factory parking lot.


The Ohio woman claims she  hooked up with married Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield in the parking lot of a Cheesecake Factory. In a  radio segment, 20-year-old Kacie Dingess called out Mayfield’s first Valentine’s Day as a wedded man when she outed him for receiving oral  from her “a few months ago.”

Mayfield allegedly had a system in place for ensuring his wife wouldn’t find out about his alleged scandalous social media activity.

“He was really sure to be like, ‘OK, you have to show me a video of your entire house, so I know you’re not with anyone,’” she said. He then sent her a photo of himself, she said.

You can watch her explain below:


Baker is back in hot water with another woman,  who claims Baker was going all in after her.  We were the first to post the story about Baker Mayfield sliding into her DM’s.

Now we have some more evidence pointing towards Baker’s attempts at some Side Action. The lady in question speaks about Baker’s attempts at wooing her,  and she even references the infamous Cheesecake parking lot video.

Watch her explain below:

Also check out some more screenshots from the alleged incident below:

Below is the girl who is accusing Baker of sliding:

Who knows where Baker will end up now that his life in Cleveland appears all but over.

Hopefully his Wife will once again stick by her man, we know he’s going through a tough time right now.

Check out some pics of Baker and his wife below:

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