Oakland Police Department Release Photos in Hopes of Finding A’s Fans Who Engaged in Lewd Fan Behavior in Stands

Talk about a man hunt.

Oakland Police have identified a pair of Oakland Athletics fans who engaged in a mid game lewd sex act at the ballpark last month. At least according to the report, they have partially identified them, as they have a picture of the alleged couple, but not necessarily the names to go with it. On Thursday afternoon Oakland Police released a photo of the fans to TMZ Sports.

See the pic below Via TMZ:

As a result of the lewd fan behavior, the A’s reportedly beefed up their security in the upper deck.

“The Oakland Police Department was not alerted to this incident until after the game and we were advised that A’s staff/cameras did not capture video of this during the game. We have initiated an investigation,” said OPD Public Information Officer Candace Keas in a statement to KRON4.

“However, the parties have not been identified and no one has been cited/arrested at this time. The violation is 647(a) PC. Lewd acts in public.”

Oakland’s Police Department told TMZ Sports that they have been unable to find the couple who were caught in the upper deck, and are asking anyone with info on the love birds to contact OPD Special Victims Section at (510) 238-3641. They must be some sort of exhibitionists.

If convicted, they’d face up to six months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

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