Video of Jackson Mahomes Trying To Kiss Woman In Vegas Goes Viral

Just in case you wanted more Jackson Mahomes content, you’re in luck.

The brother of Kansas City Chiefs star QB Patrick Mahomes, Jackson has been keeping busy since his season, I mean, his brother’s season ended.

Jackson and Patrick’s fiancé followed the NFL star to Las Vegas for  the Pro Bowl.

Looks like Jackson Mahomes was trying to get even more attention while in Sin City. Jackson was spotted at a local mall and recorded trying to kiss a girl against her will. She declined his efforts.

Watch below:

Twitter reacted to Jackson’s latest viral video:

Jackson Mahomes needs to understand that he is fact not a star, and if not for his brother, no one would know who he is.

He legit thinks he’s a TikTok star.

Patrick, come get your brother.

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