Troy Aikman’s Take on Odell Beckham Jr., Matthew Stafford Goes Viral

Troy Aikman is not a fan of the Rams latest acquisitions.

Troy Aikman questioned Beckham’s impact on Stafford and the Rams offense as a whole.

Troy was on “The Musers” on 1310 AM radio in Dallas on Tuesday morning and said he thinks Stafford might already feel pressure to get the ball to Beckham the way Baker Mayfield supposedly did.

“Matthew Stafford throws an interception on the opening possession because he’s trying to get the ball down to OBJ,” Aikman said, as transcribed by Mark Lane of Texans Wire. “Whether he stopped on the route or not, he’s not going to complete that pass. There’s two defenders back there. But I think Matthew now feels some of the pressure that maybe Baker Mayfield felt of, hey, we got to get this guy involved, or he’s in the game right now because he’s going to take this deep route and I’ve got to find a way to get this ball in his hands because that’s why he’s playing on this play. It’s not good, and it’s not good playing quarterback when you feel pressure to get the ball to one particular player. It just doesn’t work. So, I don’t know. Maybe they can pull themselves out of it and get it going. But that was a beatdown last night.”

Here’s a play that definitely gives credence to Troy’s take:

Troy Aikman questions whether the Rams have gone too far with the recent additions of Beckham and Miller, shaking up the locker room too much.

“I’ve liked a lot of what they’ve done, but the last few moves, I don’t want to say ‘desperation’ because I don’t feel that way. But I definitely got the feeling watching them last night that it has totally shook the chemistry and the foundation and the bedrock of this football team. And that happens,” he said. “You bring in just one player you bring into the locker room, it can change the dynamic of a locker room. Let’s just say you have players who — if you bring in a player, then someone’s not going to play, right? I mean, you’re bringing in a guy and he’s going to play. And then someone then is not going to be playing as much, and they’re not to be too happy. Well, if that player is not going to be playing as much is a popular player in the locker room, or has four or five really close friends, hey, he was doing pretty good. And then that starts trickling around. And then you have that and it creates cliques within. So, that’s what I sensed last night. Maybe they’ve gone a little bit too far.”

Definitely a risky move bringing in both Von and OBJ.

It’s a little early to say it was a mistake, but so far doesn’t appear to be a great move.

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Comments and Reactions for Troy Aikman’s Take on Odell Beckham Jr., Matthew Stafford Goes Viral

Comments and Reactions for Troy Aikman’s Take on Odell Beckham Jr., Matthew Stafford Goes Viral