Charles Barkley Weighs In on PGA Tour Players Taking LIV Golf Money

Sir Charles has spoken.

As a professional golfer, the goal is to make as much money as possible. During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show on Friday, the former NBA star and current analyst for TNT, spoke on the LIV Golf and PGA Tour controversy and supported players who took the money to join the new golf league that’s funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

“I want all the LIV guys on top of the leaderboard,” Barkley said of what he wants to see at this week’s U.S. Open. “I want to see the PGA Tour shaking in their damn boots. Listen, I’m not a religious dude but I want chaos this weekend at the U.S. Open.”

“I don’t judge other people. Listen, if somebody gave me $200 million I’d kill a relative,” Barkley joked before doubling down. “I’m serious. They’re saying Phil Mickelson got $200 million, Dustin Johnson got $150 million, for $150 million I’d kill a relative, even one I like.”

Watch Charles explain below:

Unfortunately for Barkley, the players who joined the LIV series are not winning any fans for taking Saudi money.

It’s not really apples to apples in this case. If it was there wouldn’t be any backlash.

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