The Reason Why Davante Adams Turned Down More Money From the Packers Revealed

For some it’s not all about the money.

What an offseason it’s been, with plenty of breaking news, and plenty of blindside trades. I mean who saw this one coming?

Possibly the biggest surprise off this offseason came last night when the Las Vegas Raiders acquired Davante Adams in a trade with the Green Bay Packers. The superstar receiver is reportedly receiving a new five-year deal that’s worth $141.25 million.

According to Adams’ agents, he actually turned down more money from the Packers. Apparently it wasn’t about the money, more about the opportunity to play for his favorite team.

Also Adams is supposedly close to Derek Carr, which made his decision to take less money a little easier.

That tells you all you need to know about Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers relationship.

I guess Adams wasn’t such a fan of Aaron Rodgers…He’ll definitely miss him when he realizes just how easy playing with Rodgers is compared to Derek Carr.

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