Steph Curry Reacts To LeBron Calling Him The MVP

At the midway point of the season, nobody was talking about Steph Curry as the MVP. However, after an end-of-the-year surge, Curry won the scoring title and has been getting high praise from pretty much everybody around the league.

Ahead of the play-in game between LeBron James’ Lakers and Curry’s Warriors, LeBron gave the ultimate praise of saying that Steph should be the NBA MVP this season.


Curry was very appreciative of LeBron’s comments.

“I love no matter if it’s him, it’s me, whoever it is, there’s always another element of analytics or analyzing what we say, how we say it or when we say it,” Curry said. “Bron’s no stranger to that. Neither are we. Obviously I’m appreciative that he knows when he says something, people pay attention. So for him to speak on my MVP candidacy, I respect him for it and I appreciate it.”

Steph would go on to say that while him and LeBron have the utmost respect for each other, all bets are off once the ball gets tipped on Wednesday night.

“We all know as competitors, though, when the lights are on, I can talk about how great he is until I’m blue in the face and he can do the same, it doesn’t change how we approach that competition when we’re out there.”

Say what you will about NBA’s play-in tournament, but you have no admit that tonight’s matchup between Steph and LeBron will be pretty damn entertaining.

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