Julian Edelman Has Thoughts On Tom Brady Coming Out Of Retirement

Julian Edelman and Tom Brady cultivated a strong friendship during their years together with the New England Patriots, And after Brady announced his retirement last week, Edelman was one of the first former teammates to congratulate him on a legendary career.

On Thursday, Julian Edelman was asked about Tom Brady’s comments about how he couldn’t say for certain that he wouldn’t come out of retirement if the right opportunity came across his desk.


“My answer for, ‘Were you surprised (that) he retired?’ was, ‘No, I’m not.’ And that’s the same answer if he comes back,” Edelman said, via NBC10 Boston. “You wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t know how he’s going to feel in six months when he’s sitting there.

“The first offseason when you retire, it’s different. You have a routine, you have a body clock that you’re so used to. I did it for 12 (years), he did it for 22. So like, it’ll hit him in some form or another. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

“… I mean, it’d make for a hell of a documentary that I’m sure he would make.”

Julian Edelman announced his retirement after last season, and Tom Brady shared a message to his former #1 receiver.

“As I was writing this note, Vivi saw the first picture and said “daddy, tell Julian to cut his beard, I don’t like it”…which of course Jules, she never did like it….but you know who did…Me!! Because it meant you were locked in and it was playoff time. That was when you shined the most. On the biggest stage and in the biggest moments, you always came through. I was a witness to so much of the journey and am so proud of you and how you grew from 7th round underdog to an older 7th round underdog. The truth is, you never really grew up 😂😂! You never lost that chip on your shoulder. You never let anyone define you as a person or player. You have so many teammates that admired your work ethic and will to win, and I am at the top of the list because when I was down and feeling sorry for myself at times, you were right there to pick me up. You were as tough as could be and I love you for all that you did to make our teams as great as they could possibly be, ” Brady wrote on Instagram.

Perhaps nobody knows Tom Brady’s train of thoughts as well as Julian Edelman. And if he thinks the GOAT might still make his return somewhere down the line, who are we to doubt it?

Coming out of retirement would be one hell of a story, that’s for sure.

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