Skip Bayless Had A Ridiculously Insane Reaction To The Dak Prescott Contract News

FS1 host and well-known psychopath Skip Bayless has made his allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys very clear. Despite the team’s unimpressive recent history, Bayless continues to view the Cowboys as a better team than they really are, and often goes viral after they win a game. Of course, Skip Bayless was ecstatic when the team announced they were signing quarterback Dak Prescott to a four-year deal.

While Skip Bayless’ reaction might be a bit much, I’m with him that the deal was the only option for Jerry Jones. Dak had to be signed, and Jerry knew he was backed against the wall. So he overpaid for him…that’s the way these things go in the NFL. The good news is that he’ll have his franchise quarterback happy and locked up for a long time.

While Dak Prescott is doing pretty well for himself, Skip Bayless was also just locked up. Amid rumors that Skip was drawing interest from ESPN for a reunion show with Stephen A. Smith, FS1 signed Skip Bayless to a four-year $32 million contract.

Fittingly, Dak Prescott’s contract will expire around the same time as Skip’s. Good for them.

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