Christian Pulisic Transfer News: Chelsea Block Young American From Seeking New Opportunities Amid Benching

What will Chelsea do with young American striker, Christian Pulisic?

Throughout his Chelsea tenure, Pulisic has fought through injuries, COVID, inconsistent play, and even admitted that he was facing some depression issues at one point.

But his latest fight might be the toughest one yet: playing for a club and manager who refuse to unleash him.

Pulisic logged just 25 minutes in Chelsea’s 2-1 loss to Southhampton on Tuesday night. In the game he clearly struggled against the intense Southampton pressure, even tripping over the ball on several occasions. After the match, the 23 year old American was ridiculed by the home crowd for refusing to acknowledge them as he was walking back to the locker room.

Being as he has not started in any of the past five Premier League matches, the speculation is that Christian Pulisic would like to be granted a transfer to a different club.

However, Chelsea is currently blocking any potential move.

Per Yahoo:

“He has started zero of Chelsea’s first five Premier League matches. A source confirmed to Yahoo Sports on Wednesday that Pulisic’s wish is to leave — either on loan or permanently.

The problem, the source said, is that Chelsea is “blocking any deals and holding him against his wishes.”

And so, unless something changes between Wednesday morning and Thursday night, Pulisic is stuck.”

While Christian Pulisic has yet to publicly reveal his wishes to leave Chelsea, it’s clear by his recent actions that he’s not happy. In the past, he has vowed that he’ll continue to battle during whatever playing time he might see.

“That’s just life at a big club,” he said in July. “We have great quality and Raheem we’re really excited about it. The beautiful thing about being at a club like this is the competition every single day. We all thrive competing with each other in training. It’s just another great addition to the team and it doesn’t change a whole lot.”

“I’m still going to have to play hard and enter my position just like I did before. Nothing crazy. This is Chelsea. This is what this is, what you sign up for and this is the kind of club it is with the caliber of players that we have,” said Pulisic.

England’s Summer transfer window closes on Thursday night. And it appears as though there’s little to no chance that Christian Pulisic will be granted a transfer at this time.

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