Arsenal, Man U Pay on Field Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, Who Died Thursday at 96 Years Old

Long live the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II died earlier today, she was 96 years old. The queen spent over 50 years as the head of the British royal family. One of Queen Elizabeth II’s many royal duties as queen was paying tribute to the rich history of England’s sporting culture. Several athletes and professional sports leagues issued statements and paid tribute to the queen on Twitter following news of her death.


The premier league was the first to pay tribute.

The Premier League is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II. Our thoughts and condolences are with The Royal Family and everyone around the world mourning the loss of Her Majesty.

Arsenal held a moment of silence for the queen during its game Thursday.

Manchester United will also hold a moment of silence before Thursday’s game. The team will play as planned.

Wimbledon also paid tribute to the queen Thursday.

Queen Elizabeth II played a role in the 2012 London Olympics. She filmed a video for the event with Daniel Craig in character as James Bond. The queen also opened the 2012 London Olympics.

Her sporting tastes also extended to US Sports. She traveled around the world to attend some of the biggest sporting events across the globe. In 1991, she attended a Baltimore Orioles game with President George H.W. Bush.  She also visited the Kentucky Derby in 2007. All in all she was very much the Sporting Queen.


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