Olympic Diver Kassidy Cook Gives A Shoutout To Pitbull In Miami

Olympic diver Kassidy Cook, 25, is currently adjusting to a new normal as she waits for the rescheduled Olympic Games. However, the 2016 Olympian resumed training in September after two years away from competition. If you follow her, you know that she has not gotten out of shape. And now she is having some fun in Miami, giving a shoutout to the one and only Pitbull.


Kassidy Cook Soaks Up The Sun In Miami

The caption is a direct shoutout to Mr. 305 aka Mr. WorldWide aka Pitbull, himself. Kassidy Cook seems to be taking a break from training to have some fun in the sun in Miami. Cook’s career is one that has included injuries, setbacks, comebacks, and even a brief retirement. Despite taking a little break to hit the 305, Kassidy Cook looks as prepared as any athlete to deal with the one-year delay in the Tokyo Olympics. The Games, originally scheduled for 2020, will now begin on July 23, 2021.

Cook said to go ahead and call her Ms. 305, however, Pitbull is not the only artist the Olympian gave a shoutout to during her time in Miami. She previously posted a picture with the caption “Hey Alexa, play ‘I’m in Miami b*tch’ by LMFAO”.

Kassidy Cook clearly enjoyed her time in the 305, but she is still about her business when it comes to training for the, now, 2021 Olympic Games.

“A lot of people are frazzled because they can’t go through their normal training routine”, Kassidy Cook told The Houston Chronicle. “I’m kind of used to being thrown out of the game and having to come back. So for me, this is a time to get in good shape out of the pool, let my body heal, and to come back, when the time is right, with a renewed sense of drive.”

Miami looks like it has been fun if you just look at Kassidy Cook’s Instagram feed. However, if you follow her stories, she has been training in the meantime. If you don’t follow Kassidy Cook on social media you definitely should. Check out more of the Olympic diver on Instagram below.

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