Alex Rodriguez Now Being Linked to Katie Holmes

Take that Bennifer. Former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has to deal with his ex plastered all over the tabloids, and he’s clearly looking to stir up a little bit of his own press. In a move straight out of the J-Lo playbook, the former MLB’er found a way to link himself to another celebrity following his split from J-Lo. A-Rod is now being linked to Katie Holmes.

A-Rod was spotted leaving an NYC building, which just so happens to be the building of Katie Holmes.

The actress who was once married to Tom Cruises recntly called things off with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. The paparazzi photographed A-Rod leaving the former Dawson’s Creek star’s building.


For all we know, A-Rod did this intentionally.

But maybe there’s something there. We’ll keep an eye on this situation moving forward.

Check out some pics of A-Rod’s latest link:

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