Shannon Sharpe Talks Kanye West’s Denver Broncos Ownership Bid

Kanye West wants in on the Broncos?

Just a few weeks ago, Antonio Brown dropped a bombshell as he came out and revealed that West is actually very much interested in becoming the next owner of the Denver Broncos. The team is looking to be sold, and with a $4 billion projected price tag, it’s clear that West would most likely be able to foot the bill.


TMZ caught up with Broncos legend Shannon Sharpe, who gave his take on Kanye’s alleged desire to own the franchise. As Sharpe explained, it is important to have minority owners in the NFL, and if Kanye has the money, he should absolutely be given the chance to steer the ship.

“I’d be happy, if a minority, Robert Smith, I see Byron Allen is interested,” Sharpe said. “I’m all for it. That’s the organization that I played 12 years for. I have a lot of respect for the Bowlen family. They did a great job with me and my family.”

The only issue is Kanye would need to get approval from the other NFL owners, and something tells me based off his latest public behavior, it’s going to be hard to convince the Bilionaire Boys Club to let him in.

The NFL could use some new faces on the ownership front, but not sure Kanye is it.

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