Sean Payton Looked Like He Was Going To Be Sick While Talking About Missing Out On Patrick Mahomes In The Draft

Back in 2017, Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints were set at the quarterback position. They had Drew Brees, who was still playing at an elite level despite getting up there in age. However, Payton was in a dilemma. He didn’t know if he could pass up on Patrick Mahomes.

According to Payton, Mahomes was ‘the best college QB I’ve ever evaluated’. Payton made his declaration during an appearance of “Good Morning Football” today. Payton even said the team was in-between drafting Mahomes or Marshon Lattimore before the Chiefs moved up in the draft to snag Mahomes.

It looks like the whole situation still drives Sean Payton crazy.

“Yeah, we spent a full day on that campus,” “We came away from there, like, just blown away. Impressed. I know I made the comment that [Mahomes] is the best quarterback, the best college quarterback I’ve ever evaluated.”

“There were all the other checks, the things you don’t see on video. His personality was fantastic. He was one of those guys probably always hanging out in the gym after high school, he comes from an athletic family. He’s got a bright smile. It was all there.”

We were picking at 11, Andy [Reid] went to 10,” Payton recounted. “And as soon as that trade took place we knew it was Mahomes. We were staring at Lattimore and Mahomes, so those were two great scenarios. He’s fun to watch and certainly tough to defend.”

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While Sean Payton is still kicking himself for not getting Mahomes in the draft, I think he did just fine for himself. The Saints have been one of the top teams in the league for the past decade. They also had Drew Brees. The Bears famously took Mitchell Trubisky over Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. I think they take the cake when it comes to the “what could have been?” question surrounding Patrick Mahomes.

It is interesting that Payton says he had Patrick Mahomes rated as his best college QB ever. Most teams didn’t even have him rated as the top quarterback in that draft. Just goes to show what a good talent evaluator Sean Payton is.

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