Ron Rivera Offers Up Apology to Carson Wentz for ‘QB’ Comment

Ron Rivera is sorry.

The Washington Commanders coach apologized to starting quarterback Carson Wentz for comments Rivera said were misconstrued, regarding why there’s a gulf between his rebuilding team and the other teams in  the NFC East.  .

“Carson and I had a nice conversation, so I think we’re ready to roll,” Rivera said.

“I spoke to my team this morning,” Rivera said, per Pete Hailey of NBC Sports Washington. “I basically told them I said some things that were misconstrued. I told them guys that I should know better.”

Wentz said he was unaware of what had been said until he was told by a team spokesperson. He wasn’t upset by what Rivera said.

“Coach addressed it, handled it, nothing for me that I’m overly concerned about,” Wentz said. “Coach is a very straightforward, upfront guy. He addressed it in the team meeting, which I thought was really cool, in what he meant by it all. I feel very confident in that.”

Rivera said he understood why his comments were perceived in a negative light, which is why he wanted to address the entire team.

“I told them I said some things that were misconstrued; I didn’t present them properly. That’s on me,” he said. “I took accountability, told the guys I should know better. S—, I had a bad day so I figured I was feeling better today, let’s move forward.”

Rivera said he worried about his words becoming a distraction during a short week; the Commanders (1-4) play at the Chicago Bears (2-4) on Thursday.

This is exactly how you lose a locker room.

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