Khabib Manager Says Conor McGregor Will End up ‘Fighting the Kardashians’

Khabib and Conor McGregor are sworn enemies, and Khabib’s manager clearly isn’t a fan of McGregor either. MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz says Conor McGregor is destined to end up “fighting the Kardashians” in sideshow exhibition fights, also claiming his client Khabib Nurmagomedov rejected $100 million to face Floyd Mayweather in the ring.

Khabib’s manager made his comments on the Hotboxin’ Podcast:

“Now you have McGregor fighting Dustin Poirier, probably McGregor’s going to quit again, he’s a quitter,” Abdelaziz said.

“To me, he’s irrelevant. He’s like a high-end prostitute. Now people want to go out on a date with him, to show, ‘hey, I have a pretty girl with me.’

“He’s the pretty girl, and after that you can go show the other girls and say, ‘hey, I got this beautiful girl, you wanna date me?’

“That means fighters, they fight him, they get this clout fighting Conor McGregor… But they don’t understand Conor McGregor hasn’t won in three years. He’s a high-price hooker.”

He becomes this stepping stone. But also you make money when you fight Conor McGregor, because he’s a draw. But how long is that going to last for?

“Him and Dustin Poirier, I like Dustin, but both looked like shit [in their last fight].”

Abdelaziz mocked McGregor further by claiming the Irishman’s future will be in exhibitions with the likes of YouTube boxing wannabe Jake Paul,  or even social media celebrity sisters the Kardashians.

“The McGregor thing is finished. McGregor now is going to be fighting Jake Paul, the Kardashians, he’s gonna fight chicks… That’s what’s going on,” Abdelaziz said.


It’s a damn shame we never got to see Khabib fight McGregor again.

That was one beef that really needed to get resolved in the octagon.

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