Rockets Forward Christian Wood Reveals He Got Dumped on Draft Night

Some people have their Ride or Dies, while others unfortunately have to deal with clout chasers. That’s the story coming from Rockets power forward Christian Wood, who recently revealed he was dumped by his then girlfriend on Draft night. He had an extremely difficut night, as his name was not called in the first or second round. By the end of draft night, he dropped his girlfriend off at the airport and never saw her again.

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Now the man is getting paid.

Via The Ringer: 

“On the night of the draft, Wood rented an event space at Caesar’s Palace. He invited a few dozen family and friends. “He was so excited at first,” said former UNLV coach Dave Rice. But Wood watched with horror as his name went uncalled in the first round. It wasn’t called in the second round, either.

Somehow, that wasn’t the end of Wood’s misery. “I lost my girlfriend that night, too,” he said. “I dropped her off at the airport after the draft and never saw her again.”

Clearly his ex showed her true colors on a very difficult night for Wood.  Now he’s no doubt happy that it worked out the way it did.

Congratulations to Wood.

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