Richard Sherman Rips Niners Fans Who Don’t Appreciate Jimmy G

Richard Sherman was on the 49ers for three solid seasons, he was a teammate and friend of Jimmy G. The Shermanator is none too pleased with some Niners fans who take Jimmy G for granted.

Garoppolo isn’t the best QB but he does manage to win most of the games he starts in.

Jimmy G is currently 31-14 in five seasons with the 49ers. Plus Jimmy also already took the 49ers to a Super Bowl two seasons ago.

So yea, a pretty good resume. Sherman believes once Jimmy G is gone, Niners fans are going to miss him.

“It’s really sad because the appreciation isn’t going to start when Trey [Lance] starts playing QB, because you’re not even appreciating winning.”

“Some of these fans aren’t even appreciating the win.”

If you want Jimmy G to be better than he is, that’s not going to happen.

He’s a serviceable QB who can show up when it matters most. Does he still make terrible decisions from time to time?

Sure, but his record speaks for itself.

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