Study Showed Paul George Was The Most Hated Player By Suns Fans Even Before Playoff Series

Usually when we talk about the most hated player in the NBA, fans will point to LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, etc. But for Suns fans, it’s reportedly Clippers star Paul George. released one of those maps that showed the most hated in ever U.S. state. Arizona was the only one that allegedly hated Paul George more than anyone else.


How the Suns started their feud with Paul George

I don’t really understand how all these maps get their information, but I guess there has to be some truth behind it. The map say they determined the results “based on geotagged Twitter data”, so we’ll go with it. After all, Paul George has had some bad blood with Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns this season.

Paul George got into it with Devin Booker in January, and later claimed that he was getting chirped by the Suns star about his performance in the NBA Bubble during the 2020 playoffs.

“I don’t talk, I play my game,” Paul George said at the time. “For whatever reasons, dudes talking. Never heard people talking. It’s never been directed towards me, but for some reason, it’s been a lot of mouth.”

While Paul George is playing the victim for his rivalry with Devin Booker, it’ll make for some entertaining content during the playoff series.

Without Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul playing, we’re bound to see the Paul George vs. Devin Booker show again in Game Two on Tuesday night. Can’t wait.

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