Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur Getting Roasted For Decision To Kick Field Goal Late In Game

Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur had a head scratching decision for the ages during the NFC Championship game. The Packers were down 8 late in the game , and driving. LaFleur decided to kick a field goal on fourth and goal instead of going for the tie. In doing so, LaFleur gave the ball back to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers who would go on to close out the game.

LaFleur is getting absolutely roasted on social media for his boneheaded move.

Sideaction’s Latest:

I’m going to have to agree with the people on social media here. I don’t care what the analytics said. I don’t care how much you trust your defense. You simply don’t give the ball back to Tom Brady with a chance to ice the game when you have Aaron Rodgers at your disposal.

Matt LaFleur did a great job with the Green Bay Packers all year, but he might never live down the decision to kick the field goal instead of giving Rodgers a chance to tie up the game. I’m sure LaFleur will have to answer questions on what was going through his head with this decision, and I’m fascinated to hear his response.

Matt LaFleur screwed up, and he should just own it.

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