The Joey Gallo Curse: Yankees Fans Already Blaming Demise On Midseason Trade

Will the “Joey Gallo Curse” make Yankees fans cringe for a long time?

The outfielder was expected to provide a spark to the Yankees lineup when acquired during last season, but throughout his Yankees tenure, Gallo failed miserably to meet the high expectations put on him by fans.


It was clear that the Yankees and Joey Gallo needed to move off each other, so New York found a buyer for his services this Trade Deadline in the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Only problem? Since the Dodgers acquired Gallo, they’ve been one of the best teams in baseball and the Yankees have been one of the worst.

After last night’s games, the Yankees are 2-10 since the Joey Gallo trade, and the Dodgers are a dominant 11-1.

The Joey Gallo Curse

When Joey Gallo was traded to the Dodgers, he admitted that  a change of scenery might be exactly what he needed.

“I knew I was kind of doing something in New York and something just wasn’t clicking or adding up consistently,” Gallo said, according to the Orange County Register. “That’s the key, trying to do it consistently and not lose that feel. I knew the way I was hitting in New York something was off. Then mentally you start trying to do too much. Then you’re trying to combat everything.

“They’ve done a good job of explaining things so far. It helps that I was in a good head space as well.”

During his time with the Yankees this season, Gallo slashed a dismal .159/.282/.338. In his 22 games with the Dodgers, those numbers have already skyrocketed to .263/.364/.632.

It’s becoming obviously that if the Dodgers win the World Series this season with Gallo as a contributor, while the Yankees fall flat for the rest of the season, than the “Joey Gallo Curse” will be a real thing for many years to come.

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