NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Discussed Play-In Tournament With LeBron James

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told TMZ Sports earlier this week that he talked to LeBron James and tried to smooth out his hatred for the play-in tournament.

Earlier this week, the NBA announced that it would continue the same play in tournament format for the 2022 NBA season. No doubt LeBron had something to say about it, so apparently the two discussed their issues.


LeBron made sure to voice his thoughts about the extra games back in May after his Lakers slipped in to 7th place where they were forced to play an extra game against the Golden State Warriors.

As everyone knows, LeBron loves to make sure that people hear what he has to say. Silver, knowing that LeBron has issues with the play-in tournament, went on to say that the two have smoothed out LeBron’s issues with the extra games and believes now that the superstar “understands the context of the league.”

Silver went on to say that the Players Association speaks for the players and that they approved this format.

It sounds like the NBA is still concerned about the pandemic situation of the world hence why they look to continue this play-in format for at least the 2021-2022 season.

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