Mike McCarthy Smashed Watermelons With a Sledgehammer to Inspire Dallas Cowboys

Mike McCarthy doesn’t seem like a very rowdy guy compared to other NFL coaches, but evidently he has his moments. McCarthy reportedly channeled 1980s comedian Gallagher, using a sledgehammer and some watermelons to pump up his Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night before their Sunday matchup with the Minnesota Vikings.


According to Tom Pelissero, McCarthy got up in front of his team during their Saturday night meeting in a ballroom. He had watermelons brought in, with objectives for the game written on each one of them. With the help of his players, he began smashing the melons. The stunt seemed to work, as the Cowboys got the upset win over the Vikings on Sunday. The best tidbit of this whole story was Demarcus Lawrence’s role in the whole thing.

“The players are roaring, McCarthy’s pants are soaked. Finally gets to the watermelon with Dalvin Cook’s picture on it, Demarcus Lawrence jumps up and goes ‘I got to get that one,'” Pelissero said. “He hands over the sledgehammer to Lawrence, he smashes that watermelon.”

With their win over the Vikings, McCarthy and the Cowboys put themselves right back into the thick of the conversation in the NFC East. While their record is only 3-7, nobody is running away with that division. The Cowboys trail the Eagles (3-6-1) by a slim margin for first place. They also have Andy Dalton back under center after he was sidelined for the previous two games due to a concussion, followed by a positive COVID test.

The Cowboys could still make some noise this NFL season, their win over the Vikings might have given them the momentum and confidence they need going forward. We might be looking at “the watermelon game” as a crucial turning point for the Dallas Cowboys season. Maybe Mike McCarthy still has some tricks up his sleeve.

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