Zion Continues to Tease Knicks Fans With Latest Statement

Knicks fans continue to clamor for Zion Williamson, and it appears he’s also a big fan of the Knicks. The Pelicans suffered a 122-112 overtime loss to the New York Knicks on Sunday. But it’s not the game result that will have Pelicans fans worried. It was Zion Williamson’s reaction after the loss.

Check out what he had to say when asked about playing his first NBA game at Madison Square Garden.

“I mean, New York is the mecca of basketball,” Williamson said. “I love playing here. I played here in college. This is my first time playing in the pros. I mean, this atmosphere — whether they’re cheering for you, whether they’re booing for you, it’s amazing.”

“Honestly, I think, outside of New Orleans obviously, I think this might be my favorite place to play. Outside of New Orleans. I can’t even lie to you. I can’t lie to you.”


Zion made his desire to be drafted by the Knicks very clear during his freshman season at Duke.

“I’d love to play for the Knicks,” a giddy Williamson said in 2018 after a Duke game at MSG. But the lottery ping-pong balls fell New Orleans’ way that season, leaving the Pelicans with prize of the draft and the Knicks settling for his Duke teammate RJ Barrett.

Knicks lost out on Zion the first time around, maybe their wish will come true one day.

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