Miami Stripper Claims to Have Alleged Terrell Owens Sex Tape

Terrell Owens sex tape?

Terrell Owens was known to be quite the diva during his playing days, but the Hall of Fame wide receiver has laid pretty low since he retired from the NFL.

Terrell has been in the news as of late, mostly by people comparing him to Antonio Brown.

Owens even recently took to Twitter to make sure no one compares him to Antonio Brown.

Maybe he does have a little in common with Antonio Brown? You know like an alleged sex tape out there.

A Miami stripper claims to have a sex tape with Terrell Owens via BSO.

She took to Twitter to advertise it.

See below:

Terrell Owens has yet to respond to the allegations, which is probably a wise decision.

All that would do is turn this into a real story. For now it’s just an exotic dancer trying to get some attention.

Sorry T.O. had to post.

Check out more of Terrell’s accuser below:

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