LeBron James’ High School QB Wants To Tell His Side Of The Story After Being Called Out During MNF

LeBron James made a guest appearance on the Manning brothers’ Monday Night Football broadcast. And he immediately went viral when talking about his football career.

LeBron claimed that Jerry Jones and the Seahawks offered him contracts during COVID lockdown last year. And he also said that he was turned away from football because his high school quarterback was so bad.

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Shortly after LeBron James made a mockery of his high school quarterback, the QB himself started reaching out to people with pull in an attempt to tell his side of the story.


While it might be a stupid story, I would be at least a little curious to see what the QB has to say about LeBron James’ prowess (or lack thereof) on the football field.

Much has been made about how LeBron could have been a dominant football player if he would have chosen that route. But we’ll likely never know.

For now, we’ll just have to settle for being amused by an unexpected rift between LeBron James and his quarterback from high school.

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