Troy Aikman Reveals The Secret to Him Staying Ripped

So how does Troy Aikman stay ripped?

On a lengthy Instagram post, the legendary Dallas Cowboys Quarterback provided a little more insight into the workout and diet that helps him stay fit.

“Many have asked to share my workout program but for me, working out regularly is just a part of the overall plan,” he wrote. “I feel the ‘healthiest’ I’ve ever felt. Yes, physically I feel great but my health also includes my emotional and mental well-being which I take just as seriously as the physical.”

Aikman says he’ll combine about 4 days of weight training with 5 or 6 days of cardio. He also stays active on his “off” days, aiming for about 3-6 miles of walking.

Troy Aikman also follows a strict “Pegan” diet, an eating plan developed by Dr. Mark Hyman, who Aikman tagged in his post.

You see, it’s not that simple. It takes a lot of work and dedication to stay young forever…

Thanks for the tips Troy.

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